Ingredients for food production
Unique technological solutions for meat and fish processing companies, cheese production, beverages, snacks, ice cream and confectionery
Our products
for meat and fish processing companies, cheese production, beverages, snacks, ice cream and confectionery products
Meat processing
Functional components for boiled sausages, for boiled-smoked and semi-smoked sausages, for products in jelly and chopped semi-finished products
Fish processing
Smoked fish, surimi products, marinades
Hard, semi-hard and processed cheeses
Functional blends for cheese production, colors
Confectionery products
Flavors and colors of own production
Fat-and oil products
Colors, flavors for production of mayonnaise, sauces, oils, margarine, spreads
Beverage production
Flavors and colors of own production
Ice cream
Functional blends for the production of various types of ice cream, colors and flavors
HoReCa: Sauces, instant food
Japanese-style sauces, flavoring mixes for soups, porridges and other instant foods
TK EcoColor LLC
The history of EcoColor begins with 2001, when the company was founded for the production and sale of natural food colors.

The company was one of the first on the Russian market.

Initially the company operated in Moscow, but by 2005 it became clear that it was necessary to expand production facilities to meet the increasing needs of existing and potential customers.

So a decision was made and a project was implemented to transfer the entire production to Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, where all manufactured products were manufactured under the Rosingredients brand.
More about us
More than 5,000 manufacturing enterprises in 100 cities of Russia and the CIS are our regular customers
We have suppliers from all over the world, work closely with suppliers of raw materials from China, India, Peru, EU, Turkey, Vietnam and other

Product selection for the customer’s task, technological support at the stage of introducing a new product
Our modern research complex that develops solutions for tasks of any complexity
ISO 22000
The food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP is certified according to ISO 22 000
Our company received a Halal certificate in 2021
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